Monday, March 31, 2008

Suede and Chrome Worthy??????

I'm always looking for new things to post on this blog. Be it things I run across on the Internet or even better, pictures and commentary from cruise-ins, rod runs, and car shows that I have attended. In the past, I've even solicited input from my as you can imagine, I was VERY excited when a reader/friend brought me a photo CD labeled "2007 Detroit Autorama" and told me he had about 100 pictures on the disc!

"That is awesome!", I said, having attended this year's Detroit Autorama. I thought to myself, "I can't wait to get home and see all the sweet rods and customs on this disc!"

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I got home and found almost 100 photos taken at the Autorama showcasing new and concept cars, not rods and customs. I had to think about it for a day or two. "Should I post these photos on my blog?", I asked myself. The focus of this blog has been rods and customs. However, I do GREATLY appreciate the input from readers....and I do enjoy AWESOME cars...even if they are new, concepts, and/or race cars. So...with that in mind, I thought I would start posting a few of the pictures.

If you are an traditionalist, and the posting of these photos ticks you off....sorry. I do think however that most of you will appreciate the subject and the quality of the photographs. Josh took these photographs with a high end camera...and it shows in the resolution and clarity. Look forward to seeing a few shots of the Chevrolet Concept Camaro, the Dodge Concept Challenger, the Ford GT, the Dodge Charger, and others.

Thanks Josh!

(p.s....that's Josh standing mesmerized in the first photo!)