Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Chasin' Rats...

Another view of a very wicked rod.

Crazy days this week have not afforded me time to log any new posts. I've had parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday night, then my bowling league...(Scruffy's no bowling "stud"...but I did bowl a 224, a 179, and a 156 after a few "rough" parent meetings!) Tonight it was a Building design team meeting, then church with the family. Tomorrow it's a Professional Development workshop then a Board of Education meeting. Friday I've got to chaperone a junior high dance. A principal's work is seldom finished when the bell rings and the kids go home for the day.

I enjoy seeing someone's ride that has made it uniquely one of a kind. I get tired of going to shows and seeing the same old 55 and 57 chevys, etc. (Not that I don't like these cars, just see too many! Give me something original!)

Just helped my 16 year-old with a creative writing assignment, and now FINALLY have some time on the computer before we need to start telling the older kids to get to bed, and putting the younger ones in bed. Thought I'd try to get a few new photographs posted this evening. Looks like several have stopped by the old blog, as my counter is up over 2100! (too cool!)

This little roadster definitely had an "attitude".

Still posting photographs taken in the basement of the Cobo Center at the 2008 Detroit Autorama. I really enjoyed the traditional rods and rat rods! I've already been talking about going to this event again next year!

O.k....I'm not opposed to a "shiny" paint job! This sic little Chevy is "done right". Nice white rolled and pleated interior, wide whites, shaved chrome, frenched headlights....very cool!

On a side note, got my tax return back from ole Uncle Sam last week. I've finally convinced the wife that it is "very important to my mental health" to look for a new project. I'm currently torn between the idea of finding a 30's or 40's truck cab (to build a slick traditional low-slung pickup), a Model A sedan to rod out, or just something big, long and lean (i.e. Edsel, Cadillac, Buick) that I could paint a nice suede, slap some Radir wheels and wide whites on and go. At any rate, I DON'T want to build anything that I would be afraid of getting some bug juice on, or a few rock chips in. DRIVE 'EM MAN...DRIVE 'EM!!!

Some emailed and said, "Scruffy can you post more bobbers?" Certainly...How's this tricked two-wheeler?

My biggest problem at this point in my life (as my first paragraph of this post indictates) I typically have almost ZERO hours in a day to devote to a project. Add in the fact that I spend 2 hours a day on the road round trip from school, and it leaves little time for the wife and kids, let alone something in the garage.

Love this "shop truck".

Hey...that's all I've got for you tonight! Time to spend some quality time with my 23-month old "future rodder". Have a GREAT night!


p.s....Anyone want to make Scruffy a great deal on a new project? :)