Saturday, March 29, 2008

1949-1952 Chevrolets

I've mentioned before that my father currently has a 1947 Chevrolet coupe. I've also mentioned the fact that I'm really interested in finding a project car so that my father and I, along with my sons, can attend car shows together (w/ 2 cars).
That being said, I personally like the looks of the 49-52 Chevys over the 46-48's. I've been watching chevy coupes of this era on eBay. This week, I've actually bid on a couple....time will tell if I find one in my price range in the condition that I'd like to start with.

I really like the look that a few grille teeth give these cars. While surfin' the net this morning, I was looking for examples of customized chevys from this are a few of my favorites.