Sunday, March 9, 2008

Speed Kings

Ever notice how you get accustom to "just the way things are"? I mean, if you've lived long enough, there are certain "cultural givens" that you just expect to be true. For instance, my wife needed to find the "little girls' room" and when we did, I felt that we had entered a bizarre parallel universe. There was a huge line snaking out from the men's' room of waiting dudes, while the women's' restroom had "no waiting". Even my wife commented, "Wow, maybe you'd better get a picture of that!" Nevertheless, it was a humorous juxtaposition.

Instead, while my son and I waited on my wife to return from her powder room trip, we checked out a couple of outstanding rides built by a place called Speed Kings. Both of these vehicles were extremely well-built and effectively merged the true spirit of "traditional hotrodding" with the look of fine craftsmanship. On a side note, I was pleased at how well behaved my 23-month old was throughout the day. Guess he's another chip off the old block.
When my wife returned, we headed for the basement!