Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still Hangin' Out in the Cobo Center Basement...

Still posting pictures from the Basement of the Cobo Center during the 2008 Detroit Autorama. This was a really sweet piece of automotive "art". Sort of a "Rat Fink" feel to it don't you think?

O.k...this ol' Chevrolet ROCKS! I absolutely LOVE it. Love the flat black. Love the pinstriping. Love the wide-whites. Love the sun visor. Did I mention I love this car?

This was a cool little custom roadster. I'm not sure why the picture isn't in great focus though. As the day went on, it was harder and harder to take clear, centered photographs. As more people poured into the Cobo Center, more folks would walk in front of you or bump into you while you were trying to get a good shot.

I'm not a huge Ford fan...but this car is beautiful. I think it belongs to one of the members of the Detroit Chapter of the Road Devils. Once again, love the flat black and wide whites. Note the slick mint green firewall and wicked carburetor set up. Together with a "hoodless" look, these features really set this car apart from the others.
Once again, love the flat black paint and wide whites. The grey American Racing torque thrusts and a bit of "extra" cool to this Ford.