Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the "Surface"

Well, for the past week, I've been posting pictures taken in the basement of the Detroit, MI Cobo Center. After we had spent a great deal of time admiring the traditional rods and the rat rods, we went back upstairs to look at the other half of the main floor.

As you can tell comparing these photographs to the ones I posted last week, the cars on the main floor were high gloss and high dollar. Many have probably never seen the asphalt of the open road. The fact is, some of them have probably never seen "natural light".

This is an absolutely wicked Corvette.
Here is a beautifully restored Cadillac.
I really like this Ford Coupe. The orange powdercoated wire wheels really set off a fabulous paint job.

Those of you who were into building models in the seventies may recognize this car. "Ice T" was a popular model. I really didn't remember it being built on what looks like an Indy car chassis though.
This Impala was absolutely beautiful inside and out (and under!).