B.U.G. Challenge

As an Assistant Principal at a 7-12 building, I am always looking for a way to challenge students to improve in areas of academics, attendance, and behavior. During the 2nd nine weeks of the 2015-16 school year, I encouraged students to take the "B.U.G. Challenge". B.U.G. was an acronym for Bring Up your Grades. Students were encouraged to bring up at least 2 grades by at least 1 letter grade during the 2nd nine weeks. Students that completed the challenge were rewarded with a Pizza party and a movie (Herbie the Love Bug). They also received Volkswagen related prizes donated by area businesses and the Circle City Volkswagen Club.

Students that took the challenge were asked to sign a chalkboard paint covered VW Beetle that sat in the main entrance of the school for the entire 9 weeks in hopes that it would be a daily reminder for students to work hard in their classes.

*** In 2016, to kick off the 2nd annual B.U.G. Challenge, the Chalk Bug was given a fresh coat of chalkboard paint, this time in school colors (brown and gold).

View of the B.U.G. Challenge VW from the High School office as it sits in the main entrance, greeting all students, staff and guests.

2017 Saw the 3rd Annual B.U.G. Challenge take a little (orange) twist in the theme. Students were challenged to "Put your THING in gear, and bring up the grades!"