Righteous Rodders

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalms 20:7 NIV

 The Righteous Rodders Motor Club was formed in the basement of the Antioch Christian Church, in Losantville, Indiana in 2008. We are just a group of friends that are passionate about our cars and our faith.

Here are a few of the RRMC vehicles and projects:
An early picture of Scruffy's Nifty Fifty
Dennis' '47 Chevrolet before he laid down the flat black paint it now wears.
The Rev's little Honda
One of Trader Don's current Chevy pickups.
T-bucket that Trader Don got rid of in the summer of 2008.
 Another one that passed through the "Trader Don" corral.
Shamy's Chevelle SS
Shamy's '50 Chevrolet
Trader Don's Titan
Early picture of Trader' Don's '55 Chevy pickup when he trailered it home. It is now finished and is still in the TD corral. (at least it was when this page was typed.) hahaha
Billy's Studebaker project
Hated to see this sweet Chevy leave the Trader Don corral...but she's gone.
 Billy's Harley.
Josh's '48 Chevrolet project
A more recent shot of Scruffy's '50 and Dennis' '47
Jim's Ford Panel project and Josh's Chevy 4x4.
Aaron's wild bike
Some club models
Recently acquired 1958 Buick Limited "Barn Find".