Monday, March 3, 2008

1900 Views and Getting Better...

I am still amazed at the amount of traffic this site gets. It was only a week or so ago that I thought "Wow....1500 views!". This evening, the counter went over 1900!
I'd again like to thank all of those you have stopped by now and then. I'd especially like to thank those who have left comments and/or feedback during their visit. The coolest part about this whole blog thing is getting responses from readers. Whether it is an answer to a question, clarification on something I've written, or just a "kudo"... ol' Scruffy appreciates the comments! This blog has been a learning experience for me as I've shared my interest in automobiles with each of you.
Well, it was sad news this week hearing of the passing of Boyd Coddington. I loved him and hated him all at the same time. If you've read his bio, you know the guy started out working for Disneyland, building cars in his spare time. Over the years, he has certainly built some absolutely beautiful cars! I've spent some time at car shows drooling over sets of Boyd and Boyd Coddington billet wheels as well. The bad side of his contributions is the very reason I dropped my subscription to Street Rodder several years ago. It's also the reason I dislike "trailer queens". If you've picked up a Street Rodder lately, you know that the mag caters to guys who can afford the mega-dollar rides. Your average joe-blow grease monkey could never afford the stuff Boyd put out.
I guess the upside of Boyd's contributions to hotrodding was that he and others like him have caused a revival of the traditional, garage built hotrod. Cars built by average joes with all the means and creativity they can afford. Over the past few years, these are the types of cars that I've enjoyed seeing at cruise-ins and shows. For me, cars are meant to be enjoyed....and that means driven! (and it's even more fun when they have to be driven by "the seat of your pants"!)
So RIP Boyd. We will miss you. Thanks for your contributions to the hotrodding world. Thanks for bringing use into your business every week through American Hot Rodder. And thanks for sparking in many of use a revival of what hotrodding is really all about.