The Java Bean

Well, I've always thought that vintage Volkswagen Beetles were pretty cool. I can remember my father having a black Beetle when I was just a youngin', and I always enjoyed riding in it, especially that small area behind the back seat. lol.

 So when I switched jobs in the fall of 2014 and sent my daily driver up to college with my daughters, I decided it was time to find something fun to drive to work and began looking for a vintage VW. If you are a vw lover, you are already probably aware that The Samba is a FANTASTIC website for everything VW. ( I found this cool little 1965 Java Green Beetle listed on The Samba a couple hours from my house, down near Cincinnati, OH. So, with my car buddy (who owns the sweet Red 32 Ford in the picture below), we made the 2 hour drive down near the "Big Butter Jesus" on I-75 to bring the "Java Bean" home.

 One of the first things I did after I purchased the car was to buy an Empi roof rack so that I could load vintage luggage and a cooler on top of the car. My wife and I have been enjoying taking the Java Bean to several "all" VW events, and shows that we would never gone to with the Nifty50.
 I also found a STILL IN THE PLASTIC vintage 1965 Indiana Plate to run on the car. The coolest thing is that in 1965, Indiana plates were GREEN.

 Hanging out with my buddy on a road trip to Daddy Katz in Moraine, Ohio