Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Suede and Chrome Extra....

A buddy of mine that I'm trying to talk into joining our car club has his recently built Rat Rod for sale on eBay. If you were at Beatersville in Louisville, KY or at the Indy Road Rocket Rumble on Saturday, you might have got an "up close and personal" look at the car. If not....here is a description and some pictures. If ya like it....help a poor boy out. He's got a wife and kids and wants to start on his next project. :)

You are looking at a one off custom built 1930 Ford Model A Rat Rod. This car is a result of over two years of labor, and is a high quality professionally built safe car. To start off with the frame was constructed out of 11 gauge 2X4 inch square tubing and was Z'd 6 inches up front and 18 inches in the rear. The body was chopped 6 inches, sectioned 3 1/2 inches, and channeled 4 inches. It has suicide doors with the tops welded on for easy entry. The inside of the body was all braced with 11 gauge 1 inch square tubing, which makes for an extremely solid body. The complete body is also rubber mounted to the frame with 8 body mounts to isolate vibration. It has a suicide front suspension with posies super slide reversed eye spring, split wishbone, and custom made friction shocks. The rear suspension is a 9 inch ford with a 4 bar set up, Carrera Coilovers, and a panhard bar. The steering is side arm steering with a reversed corvair steering box, and it has a quick release on the steering wheel for easy entry. The engine is a smooth running 1952 Ford 8BA flat head with a vintage Fenton intake and two rebuilt Holley 94's. It has been adapted to a Ford C4 automatic trans with a lokar 32" shifter that has a built in neutral safety switch. It has a Walker aluminum radiator with a 16 inch electric fan that is automatically controlled with an electric thermostat. The wheels are 16 inch 1935 Ford wires with Firestone 650-16 wide whitewall tires from Coker. The gauge cluster is out of an early 50's Oldsmobile the spedo and oil pressure operate along with all of the lights in the cluster. It has a separate water temperature gauge. The brakes are all new from the pedal to the pads, it has braided stainless front lines, and there is also a perportioning valve installed. The roof has a 57 Chevy hood welded into the rear half, with a custom made snap on cover for the front. The tail lights are off of a 1961 Imperial, and the rear bumper is actually a front bumper off of a 57 Chevy with LED lights installed in it. The head lights are custom made and they turn with the front wheels just like a new Lexus. The windshield is Glass and swings out just as it should. It has a 10 gallon spun aluminum gas tank with external fill point on the right rear. I have a clear Indiana title. As you can see in the description of this build I did not cut any corners on this car and because of that this car drives as nice as any Rat Rod you will drive. I am 6'3" 220 lbs and I fit in the car just fine. I have a three ring binder with all of the receipts that total up to around $13,000.00 and that is no labor, but my reserve is much less. I have the car advertised locally so I reserve the wright to end this auction at any time. I have tried to describe everything to the best of my ability, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at 765-853-5447, or 765-886-4488. Please ask all questions prior to bidding and good luck.

Branson Auto Museum Post #8

WOW! Can you believe June is coming to a close? A third of the summer has come and gone already! Well, since it's the last day of June, you are in for a treat. I've got so many pictures from other events waiting to be posted I thought that I would finish the month with the rest of the pictures from the Branson Auto Museum.
Another one of my favorite cars at the Museum. This '32 Ford roadster was done-up in traditional hot rod fashion. Although the wide whitewalls and flathead V8 were pretty typical, the unique blue paint would make this little Ford stand up and "scream" at any carshow or cruise-in.
I'm still a sucker for the T-buckets!
Have ya seen enough kool today?
Besides the cars indoors, there were several for sale outside. Although this Chevrolet wagon had an amateur paint job, it was pretty straight and could be had for $7900. The '57 Chevy below was priced at $33,000.
Well, that's the last of the pictures from Branson. The Auto Museum is worth a stop if you are ever in Missouri. I've got lots more pictures in the weeks ahead from area shows, including over 140 pictures from the 10th annual Indy Road Rocket Rumble. Make Suede and Chrome a daily stop to make sure you don't miss out.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Branson Auto Museum Post #7

By far the koolest and most unexpected car in the Branson Auto Museum was the Lil' Coffin II.
This 1949 Chevrolet was of interest to me because the '49 is almost identical in styling to my Nifty Fifty. If memory serves me, this car could be had for $13,900.
Another 1949 Chevrolet. This one was pretty stock and an older restoration. The price tag was $7900.00, which made me feel like I made a pretty good investment with the Nifty Fifty.
Bubbletops are kool in my book.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Branson Auto Museum Post #6

Not much "chatter" today. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Since the Nifty Fifty was at a friend's house getting pinstriped while I was in Missouri, I couldn't help but snap a couple of shots of this Mercury's stripes.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Branson Auto Museum Post #5

Today's post has an interesting mix of pictures. We start the day with a kool little trailer for pedal cars. I took the picture because I own a little cooler like the one pictured and my 3 year old has a couple of pedal cars. Thought it would be cool to find a trailer since we sometimes take his flamed pedal car to shows.
This Indy car could be purchased less engine. Reminded me of a fellow from somewhere around me that I used to occasionally see a few years ago at area shows. He had a "street legal" Indy car that he had put a 350 in. Can you imagine seeing this in your rearview mirror?!?!
O.k...guess I need to go to the local video store (yes there are still a few around) or check out Netflix to rent the movie "Death Match"? According the the plaque, this car was used during the filming of the movie. One would have to be a HUGE fan of the movie to pay the HUGE pricetag.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Branson Auto Museum, Post #4

Well, still posting pictures from my visit to the Branson Auto Museum in Branson, MO. I snapped a photograph of this kool looking 4-door Mercury (I think it's a '56) because it reminded me of "one that got away". A few years ago my buddy "Trader" Don had one like this I could have had for a few hundred bucks. Granted, it wasn't restored, but at the time I thought....I really don't want a 4-door Mercury. Looking at this one, I realized they were pretty kool.
Man, I love the old teardrop trailers. My understanding from doing a little research is that you could send for the instructions and build your own "back in the day". This would have been in the heyday of Route 66. You and the Mrs. could hook up the teardrop to the family car and head West. What an adventure! There is a kool little shop that is owned by one of my Facebook buddy's families in Indianapolis called Bubba's Trailer Park. They build custom teardrop trailers using modern materials. Their place is one Gasoline Alley in Indy.
Zephyr V-12 anyone?
The back story on this 1936 Packard was that it was once owned by notorious mobster Al Capone. According to the story, most of Capone's cars were actually registered in other names, however this one actually has Ol' Al's name on the registration. The car was a barn find and is still in "barn fresh" condition.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Branson Auto Museum, Post #3

Whizzers are kool no matter whether they are original or a reproduction. I'm not a Whizzer expert, but the one in the background looked to be an original, while the one in the foreground looked to be new.
If you are "into" Corvettes, there were several to admire. My favorite years of Corvette Styling are the original Stingrays of the early '60s.
This 1963 Split Window was very kool.