Saturday, March 15, 2008

Can You Believe It? Still More from the Cobo Center Basement!

I feel in love with this truck the minute I saw it. This is an absolutely beautful Chevrolet. The stance is right, and the red steelies are complimented by the simple lettering on the cab doors. The ratfink bicycle in the bed adds an additional "fun" element to the overall look of the truck. The choice of color (which appears to be something close to vanilla shake), gives this truck a slick, unique, one-of-a-kind coolness.

I can't remember were the owner of this rod was from, but if I recall, he must belong to a club because several of the cars in this area all had hand-carved tikis on display. Just another great example of a traditional hot rod.

I thought this early Ford pickup was unique. The owner went with the fenderless, patina look with the body, but chose to use a more unique approach with the running gear. Narrow spoked rims up front, with wider spoked rims in the rear. The wide whitewalls along with the bright white powdercoating on the wheels really make them contrast with the patina of the truck's body.