Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hunnert and Halloween!

Even though this event happened several weeks ago, I'm still getting a "warm feeling" as I look back through my photo album and upload them to this site. This event is about as near to heaven as a car guy could get on earth. The weather just made the day that more outstanding. And to top it off, live music throughout the day, man, it just doesn't get any sweeter.
One thing is for certain, the strict entry guidelines set forth by the Chrome Czars and enforced at the gate insures that any billet-laden, digital dashed trailer queens will be found OUTSIDE in the spectator parking area and NOT as part of the event. I didn't see ONE guy sitting around in a lawn chair guardin' and polishin' his ride. hahahaha! Ah, but that's what I love about this kind of event. Instead, lots of folks just hangin' out with friends, meeting new ones, and admiring the quality, creativity, and koolness of home-built hotrods!
Most folks who would call themselves "repeat readers" of this site know that I'm a sucker for '49-'54 Chevrolets...and this one had me droolin'! Man, I loved the flat white paint and the LOW stance.
I noticed that this year's new location and warm temperatures seemed to bring out more "average joes" than last year's show, but you see "all kinds". I actually saw a family stop this guy after I took this picture. Their little 4 year old son wanted to have his picture taken with the "mohawk man", and he happily posed for the camera with the little guy. I can tell you I like is hair A LOT more than these goofy sunvisors with hair (see guy in the foreground) that have started popping up at events. lol I'd list them right under "crying baby dolls" on my "most annoying things to see at a car show" list.
Always cool to get another chance to check out this Indy rod.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I can't tell you how much I anticipated attending this year's Hunnert Car Pileup! Last year my wife and I made our first trip to the Pileup, and after just making it into the event before the Illinois State Police shut entrance to the show down, we decided that we would definitely add it as a "must attend" event on our annual calendar. Last year, we arrived in the Morris, IL. area on Friday evening. The weather was damp and cold, more in line with what one would expect in late November. This year, we arrived once again on the night before, but this year, the weather was absolutely INCREDIBLE, with unseasonably high temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. As we rolled into our hotel parking lot, we saw lots of cool rides that had already arrived. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, after last year's issues with SOOO many cars and spectators, the host club, the Chrome Czars, moved the event a bit south to Progress City in Decatur, IL.
Next year, I think we will try to arrive in time for all of the pre-event happenings, cruise, and concerts that the Decatur Chamber of Commerce puts on in the days leading up to Saturday. Heck, there is even a post-event party that takes place on Saturday evening after the show closes down at 5 pm.
I woke up early Saturday morning to the sounds of open headers outside of my hotel room window. As I looked down from our second story room, I watched most of the hotrods that made up the majority of cars in the hotel parking lot begin to leave for the show. Even though I would have loved to pull on my jeans and do the same, I crawled back in bed, having promised my wife that we would go down to the hotel lobby, eat our complimentary breakfast, then have a dip in the pool and hot tub before we headed out. (Hey, as long as I can find a nice hotel with an indoor pool, hot tub, and breakfast, my "bettie" is game to go to about any show with me.)
So when we finally got showered and packed, we headed out to the show at about 10:30 am. I would like to thank the cute little girl working the front desk for giving us some "local" back road directions. Because of her thoughtfulness, we didn't have to follow the printed directions that would have had us back on the Interstate. She saved us about 10 to 15 minutes of driving time, and got us from the hotel to Progress City in just over 5 minutes.
Words can not describe the ultra-koolness of this event. It has quickly moved up to the very TOP of my list of most enjoyable events in the Midwest United States. And the size of the new location will only allow the event to get even BIGGER in years to come.
Hey, today's JUST A START of the over 200+ pictures I took at this year's event. Make sure your are visiting Suede and Chrome daily over the next several weeks so that you will be sure not to miss a thing.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Post from Cornith UMC

Had a chance to spend some time talkin' with the owner of this cool little rod. REALLY cool story behind the car. Seems the owners grandfather bought the car before his father turned 16. It was going to be a father/son project. Well, the project never happened and years down the road, the current owner inherited the car from his father. It was a "barn find" when he got it, He's done all the work to it to get it to it's present state. In honor of the car's history, he had named it "Hammy Down".
Remember the "Twisted Wrenches" Plymouth with the new paint job I mentioned the other day? Here is another picture of the car to remind you.
Well the group decided to do a little flame-throwing. The only problem was that they had the rear of their cars FACING the wind. The wind was pretty gusty and the end result was a new paint job that bubbled and popped like a marshmellow in a campfire.
That's it for the Corinth UMC show. Tomorrow I'll start a HUGE set of photographs taken at this year's Hunnert Car Pileup. This year's event was in a new location in Decatur, IL. and it was AWESOME! Come back tomorrow, you won't want to miss a day of these photographs!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Corinth Post #3

I'll be finishing up this set of pictures tomorrow. Make sure you come back to see what happened when the Twisted Wrenches decided to put on a little flame-throwing demonstration! lol

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corinth Post #2

Thought I would try to keep the text in today's post to a minimum...instead, just post A LOT more pictures from the 2010 Corinth UMC Car Show. Enjoy!
When is the last time you saw a Bentley at a local car show?!?!?!
AND a DeLorean?!?!?!?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Corinth UMC Car Show Post #1

Recently I attend a small show at the Corinth United Methodist Church near Cowan, Indiana. The weather was a bit chilly, but I was pleasantly surprised at the number of cool cars that turned out for the show. I had never seen this Cadillac Ambulance before, but thought it was pretty sik. This thing would look great with a surfboard or two strapped to the top.
A relatively new car club in the area, "Twisted Wrenches", had a good club showing. I was most interested in this Plymouth, as I recognized it as a car that once belonged to a member of another local club, the "Pyromaniacs". Before the car landed in the hands of it's new owner, it had a flat black and green paint scheme. Check out the cool new white paint, scallops, and cool graphics the car has now...(this will become even more relevant in future posts.)
The Twisted Wrenches brought a variety of interesting cars, all of which were "flame-throwing" capable.
More from the Corinth Show tomorrow.