Kolson's Trike

This trike is being built by RJ's Custom Bikes for my adult son who has Williams Syndrome. Because of his disabilities, he has never had the coordination to ride a two-wheeler. In December of 2010, my son had open heart surgery to correct aortic stenosis. (narrowing of the aorta). We thought it would be awesome if he had a cool trike that would allow him to get the exercise he needs...above is an artist rendering of the builders ideas....this pictorial will follow the build to it's completion.

Donor Bike....Ready for dissection!!!!





Random pictures of the custom build....can't wait to see the end results!!!! Bike was reveiled at the 3rd Annual Wheels for Williams event on May 12, 2102.

 And here is the finished trike on the day it was revealed at the 3rd Annual Wheels for Williams event.