Monday, March 24, 2008

Again with The New Features...

Well...had a chance to change a few things on the Suede and Chrome site today. Probably the most noticable is the new background. Thought it was a same that the pictures I took in the basement of the Cobo Center at the 2008 Detroit Autorama will slowly be placed in the archives as I make new postings. So...thought I'd make a collage of some of my favorite rods from the basement. This way...they will remain in the background for a long time to come.

Another change....I've got a couple of real good buddies that do a lot of business on eBay. One spends his free time customizing Hotwheels. The other runs a family chrome-plating and metal finishing business. Thought it was only right for me to figure out how to use the RSS on the blogger site and provide links to their current auctions. If the RSS works as it claim, these links will be automatically updated as my friends list new items for auction. Take some time and check out their auctions....heck, you might just be interested in bidding on something. And if you do....make sure you tell 'em Scruffy sent ya!

One other change I've made today, I've added many more songs to the Sonific music player along the right column. When I first installed this player, I had it set to automatically begin playing when you logged in. However, it didn't take too long for this to become pretty annoying to, a few weeks ago, I reinstalled the player so that YOU have the option to begin the music, click through selections, etc.....Hope you enjoy it.

A couple other new features I've added recently...include: click on links to some of the "sponsors" along the right column. (o.k....I wish I had some sponsors for this site. It would be great to make a little extra $$$ from this!). Anyway, you should be able to click on the mooneyes, radir wheels, etc. logos and go directly to their official websites. I also added a cool widget that lets you see where folks are from who are visiting this site. All I have to say about that is "truly amazing"! Who knew folks from all over the world have been stoppin' in to see what's going on with my little ol' site!

Finally, I added a link (hope they don't mind) to the Detroit, MI chapter of the Road Devils. There site is pretty cool. I'll proably be adding a link to the Road Rockets site as well, they are out of Indianapolis, Indiana. HEY! It's been some time since I've heard from any of my readers. What gives? I always enjoy feedback. Tell me what's going on in your "neck of the woods". Upcoming club events? cruise ins? car shows? concerts? Feel free to tell me "what's cool" in your hometown.

Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday! Have a GREAT week! Keep prayin' for "cruisin' weather" will be here soon!