Sunday, March 9, 2008

More From Detroit Autorama

Well, earlier, I began uploading photographs I took during our weekend visit to Detroit, Michigan for the 2008 Autorama. For some reason, I've been having trouble uploading photographs. Everytime I try, my wireless kicks me off. I'm "sitting on" about 80+ photographs that I took to post for my "faithful readers". It's a bit frustrating to not be able to get them out on the web.
Back to our Autorama experience...I was truly impressed with the overall quality of the show. It's been a long time since I've attended a large indoor show. When I was a kid, my dad used to take us down to Hara Arena in Dayton Ohio to the Carl Casper Autoshow. It was always a great time. On an interesting side note...many of the cars that toured in Carl Casper's autoshow are now on display in Auburn, Indiana at the Kruse Victory Museum.

For some reason, I am still only occasionally able to upload a photograph, at at a rate of ONLY one at a time! What gives?!?!?!

Took this photograph for my father and son. Dad has an S-10 about this year that my 16-year old son would love to get his hands on. I thought this one was "done right". Note the wide whites, painted steelies, and classic pinstriping on the hood and dash. Very cool.

The Autorama show had a great mix! Something for every car enthusiast! Vendors, high dollar 'trailer queens', hotrods, street rods, muscle cars, motorcycles, rat rods, traditional hot rods, tuners, 4x4's, and even a section with custom bicycles.

We got to the show right as it opened, so you will not see very many people in the background of the photographs I'm currently posting. However, as the day progressed, it became harder and harder to get pictures without some sucker walking into the photo.

Want to see some "professional" photographs of the Elite 8 finalists for the 2008 Ridler Award? Click on this link:

p.s....In my last post, I gave a "shout-out" to the friendly folks at Detroit Muscle. Thought I should have included a link to their website, so here it is: