Saturday, March 1, 2008

Better Days Ahead

Well, still nursing an aching back. I'll have to wait til Monday morning to get in at my chiropractor. This sucks! In the mean time, I'm hobblin' around here like an old man! Thanks tikiguy for the "comment of sympathy"!

However better days are ahead....I just made hotel reservations this evening for the Detroit Autorama! I've read about this event in several car magazines and watched a few videos on Youtube. Had to find a hotel with an indoor pool to get the wife to go....but heck, it will be worth it! Checking out the website at: , it looks like Chip Foose and Jimmy Shine will both be there on Saturday.

I'm gonna take plenty of batteries and plan to take a huge number of photographs for the blog. Hopefully the back will feel much better by then!
Have a GREAT week!