Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Last Post from the 2016 Motorama 1962

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More from the Motorama

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Motorama 1962 Post #4

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Motorama 1962 Post #2

Something about the brick walls and concrete floors in the buildings at the Fairgrounds gives this event a really cool vibe. That and the fact that the cars are parked randomly throughout the building and spectators can get upclose and personal with the cars.

Friday, February 19, 2016

More Motorama 1962 Coverage

Nothing helps one forget about the harsh cold winters of the Midwest like a kool indoor car show. One of the best around is the Motorama 1962, held in conjunction with the Indianapolis World of Wheels at the Indiana State Fair Grounds. Hosted by a local car club known as the Road Rockets, this even is always outstanding, and draws a variety of vintage tin and traditional hot rods.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A "Mixed Bag" in Today's Post

To me, the best part of being a part of the "Gearhead World" is that everyone can follow their own passion, and there OWN idea of cool. And while other gearheads may not have the same passions and/or ideas of cool, most can appreciate the passion and work of other gearheads regardless of the make, model or year of their vehicle.

 Take for instance my friend Tony Loves little yellow Chevrolet. I have been impressed with the detail in this car from the first time that I saw it. Tony has supported our annual charity car show over the years by bringing his Chevy to our "Wheels for Williams" event, and it typically is one of the best looking cars at the show. While my interests our more heavily rooted in pre-1965 vehicles, I can certainly appreciate Tony's beautiful car. It is a modern example of "gearhead passion".
 Another example of that is this little red Miata that was at the event. While I don't know the owner of this car, I can only imagine how it feels to sit behind the wheel as it screams down the road. Check out the surprise that fits tightly under the hood. This is a modern interpretation of a "Sleeper" for sure.

In yesterday's post,  I wrote about Ron Brandon's customized 1950 Chevrolet, and asked for feedback. One of the points I tried to make is that at any period in automotive history, someone had to be the first to use a certain set of headlights, a certain grill, or a certain chop. I am guessing that even custom cues that we consider "standard" now once raised eyebrows in the automotive world.

Sprinkled throughout the World of Wheels side of the event were great examples of pre-1965 vehicles whose owners have put a lot of time and dollars into.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lots of Social Media discussion over this one....

Besides doing a poor job of late updating this blog, I also spend time on several social media/gearhead websites. It has been interesting reading lots of reactions to pictures posted of this highly customized 1950 Chevrolet. And I too, have mixed thoughts.

The car actually belongs to owner/builder Ron Brandon. He is a local guy who has in the past supported some of the events are car club has hosted. Ron is a local business owner, and somewhat of a "local celebrity". Ron was one of the original members of "The McCoys". The band who recorded what has now become the OSU marching bands "signature song" : "Hang on Sloopy". Another local member of the band, who went on to see success with a solo career is Rick Derringer. Some may remember his biggest hit: " Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo" (If you haven't heard it, check out Counting Cars star Danny "Count" Coker's band's cover of the song on their first CD.)

At any rate, while the purist in me would agree that the modern grill, headlights, windshield, etc. on Ron's build are not for me, I can't help but think that many of the custom builders of the 50's and 60's thought outside the box and did some things that probably raised some eyebrows in their day. many of the things that we consider "customizing standards" now, were originally considered "sacrilege" by some.

And another thing....over the years, I have seen A LOT of very bad metal work on so called "custom cars". Ron's car however, has very professional looking work and smooth lines.

So all in all, while it may not fall into my "taste" in customized vehicles. I applaud Ron for the quality of his work and the expression of his passion on this build.

So let the discussions begin....would love to hear from Suede and Chrome readers around the world. What are your thoughts on this build?

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Neglected Blog....

Seems like life has been flying at break neck speed lately. It is hard to imagine that at one time I had the time and patience to make daily posts to this site. Life, family, career, and my own projects have kept me from even thinking about this blog for some time.

Recently however, the "creative gearhead juices" began to flow through my veins again as I had the opportunity to make my annual trek in Indianapolis for the 2016 World of Wheels. Although I am not opposed to eyeing all the high dollar "trailer queens" in the main areas of the show, it's the homebuilt vibe of the vehicles in the Motorama 1962 area that keeps me dropping the $17 dollar admission ($15 with an O'Reilly's presale discount!) year after year. The Road Rockets car club do a fantastic job as hosts of the Motorama 1962 area, but why won't they? They pull off one of the BEST shows in Indiana summer after summer (The Road Rocket Rumble).

So...back to the blog....thought I would post the pictures in the same sequences that I took them, so the reader could get the same vibe I get every year. I ALWAYS enter the event in the "trailer queen" - World of Wheels section. Getting my fill like a fine multi-course dinner. And as tasty as the courses are, always looking forward to "dessert"....the Motorama 1962 area. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them.