Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Set of Car Photos From Autorama

Well, I've been posting pictures from the Detroit Autorama faithfully for the past couple of weeks. This is the last of the automobile photographs.
I do however, have a few pictures of some bobbers and other motorcycles that I took at the show. I've even got a few custom bicycle photos. Pictured above is a nice 1932 Chrysler Coupe. Because "everyone" wants an early Ford, then an early Chevrolet, who don't see too many early Chryslers that have been restored.
I believe the owner of this coupe called it a glossy rat rod. Whatever you call have to use the word "cool".
I believe this car is called Vampryre. It made the show car circuit back in the 60's. I think there might have even been a model kit and/or a hotwheel designed after it. Does any know any details on this car? like high dollar cars? My guess is this was one of the most expensive cars at the show. This Rolls Royce was stunning. Next time you see an old Rolls or Jag for sale, I bet you'll think...."That could make a cool rod!"