Saturday, June 28, 2008

Final Thoughts and Photographs from Wilbur Wright Car and Truck Show

Just a few final thoughts and miscelaneous photographs taken at the 2008 Wilbur Wright Car and Truck Show on June 21st in Millville, Indiana.

Another look at S. Hill's Chevellle. It was a Top Ten award winner.

The show broke up shortly after the awards were handed out at 2:30. A HUGE black cloud threatened to end the show early. By the time I helped get everything cleaned up and headed home, I got caught in a heavy thunderstom. Luckily however, I got home and got Ol' Blue in the garage before the hail started! I'm hoping others were able to do the same.

Just a few more pictures of a few of my personal favorites at the show...this 1954 Mercury was very cool.

A couple more pictures of my friends 1949 Chevrolet pickup. I've been thinking...I've got several friends and family that own classic cars...Maybe we could start our own car club...I'll have to think of a good club name.

Hey...the cool thing about car shows is that anyone can bring there car! This Ford Station Wagon is all original with just over 30,000 original miles.