Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wilbur Wright Birthplace Car and Truck Show

This Dodge was all original. It appeared to belong to a little old lady. (I think I have a picture of her that I'll post later.)

Hey! Ol' Blue made the show! (I only had to buy a new battery to get her there!)

This little Nash Metropolitan got a lot of attention. I was surprised it didn't win Ladies' Choice.

Well, my Saturday had quite a different atmosphere than my Friday in Indianapolis. Saturday, I spent the day helping a buddy put on a car show in Millville, Indiana at the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Museum.

Gone were the pinstripes, the suede paint, the patina, the mexican blanket interiors, and the rockabilly music. These were replaced with a generally older group of owners with a real variety of automobiles.

My Chevy was the only car at the show with Mexican blankets on the seats. I was also probably one of the few guys who didn't spend a lot of time polishing and rubbing on my car..."HEY! It's a driver! A few spots of bug juice on the grille isn't going to hurt anyone!"

At any rate, I'm told that the last time they tried to put on a car show in conjunction with the Wilbur Wright Memorial Event they had about 5 or 6 cars show up. My buddy and I had been spreading the word by taking event flyers to every show in the area. I also gave a stack of flyers to CWB ("The Crazy White Boy") a local DJ that does A LOT of area car shows.

By days end, we had 31 cars at the show....and the quality and variety was interesting. Everything from a couple with a Dolorean and a Nash Metropolitan, to a pristine Super Beetle, several Muscle Cars, a couple of 4x4 pickups, and several vintage Fords. Heck...one local even pulled in in an all original early 70's Ford station wagon with only 30,000 miles. (Ha!)

The event committee was pleased with the number of cars as well as the quality of cars. We gave away tee-shirts (designed by "Scruffy" himself) to the Top 10 participates (Top 10 was decided by letting each owner vote for his top 5, then a panel of 5 committee members (including myself) voted on our top 5). We also gave trophies to: Kid's Choice, Ladies' Choice, Farthest Driven, Best Truck, and Oldest Vehicle.

The trophies were pretty slick...Porcelain vintage gas pumps with the event logo on the globes.

Congratulations to all the Winners:

Top 10 (in no particular order)

B. Shamy - 1972 Chevelle SS - Losantville, Indiana

O. Denney - 1928 Ford A Roadster - New Castle, Indiana

C. Pierce - 1971 El Camino - Richmond, Indiana

D. Pierce - 1954 Mercury - Richmond, Indiana

C. Glenn - 1974 Roadrunner - Winchester, Indiana

D. Gleason - 1949 Chevrolet Truck - Parker City, Indiana

S. Hill - 1967 Chevelle - Centerville, Indiana

J. Bligh - 1931 Buick - Markle, Indiana

P. Niles - 1949 Chrysler Town/Country - New Castle, Indiana

M. Cupp - 1970 GTO Convertible - Hamilton, Ohio

Kid's Choice - C. Glenn - 1974 Roadrunner

Ladies' Choice - J. Bligh - 1931 Buick

Farthest Driven - 120 miles - M. Cupp - 1970 GTO

Best Truck - O. Denney - 1928 Ford A Roadster

Oldest Vehicle - 1928 Ford Model A

I took pictures of many of the vehicles, including most of the Top Ten. I'll start posting more from this event tomorrow.