Saturday, June 14, 2008

Losantville Days Car Show, Losantville, Indiana

This GMC was parked in the grass right beside my car. In my opinion, it was probably the nicest vehicle at the show.

Well, believe it or not, the rains we've been having in Indiana held off today and it was beautiful. We had a busy day this morning. My 2 oldest girls play in a softball league and they had a 9 am game and a 12 (noon) game. The league in which they play is in a small town about 4 miles from a car show that I wanted to get to. wife took the kids to the game, while I drove my car to the show and got it registered. Then after dropping the girls off at the diamonds, she came back and picked me up and took me to the game.

I've seen this Anglia several times over the last 2 or 3 years and it has been "For Sale" every time. :)

The girls played a great game at 9 am, my wife and the girls decided they wanted to hang out at the diamonds and watch the games between their 9 o'clock game and their game at noon. So I, along with my younger kids, hitched a ride with my mother-in-law back to her house. The younger kids stayed at grandma's while I walked a few blocks back to the car show.

This truck belongs to a cousin of my father-in-law.

This 1971 El Camino had alot of chrome work under the hood.

If this story isn't confusing yet, my father called me while I was at the game and told me he planned to bring his 1947 Chevrolet coupe to the show. My oldest son had spent a few days with my parents and would be coming along with dad. the time I had walked back to the car show, dad and my son were already walking around the show.

It was great to see my dad's car out of the garage. This is the first show he has had it at this year. He recently installed and wired front turn signals (see pic) and also got the windshield wiper working and a wiper arm installed.

Dad's '47 has a small block 350 under the hood with a set of dual exhausts. My oldest son thinks it sounds pretty wicked.

I spent some time wandering around the show, although there were several cars I have seen before, there were a few that I hadn't. A guy that I know had his '70 Chevelle at the show. It has a big block under the hood and looks pretty good if you're into muscle cars. (o.k....even if you're not into muscle looks pretty good!)

This is my friend's Chevelle.

This convertible Camaro was restored by a local body shop. The car is really clean.

After walking around, looking at cars, and talk with a few owners, it was time to head back to the ball diamonds for my daughters' second game. Dad and my son had to head back to Ohio early, as they were going to take my grandfather out for his 87th birthday. So...I hitched a ride back to the diamonds in my dad's '47 just in time for the start of the game. As I walked up to my wife, the coach yelled and asked if I could keep the I spent the next couple of hours watching the game with a little more intensity than I had planned.

HEY! She didn't look bad at her first show. AND I just want to make it clear that she DIDN'T "mark her territory" (see picture). That antifreeze was already on the pavement when I pulled in! :)

At any rate, the girls' team won by run rule 15-2 in 5 innings. I thought to myself, " I can get back to the car show before it ends as the flyer claimed the show was from 8:30 - 3 pm. By the time we loaded the kids, ball equipment, strollers, folding chairs, etc. and got back to the show, it was 1:45 pm. I could not believe that MY CAR WAS THE ONLY CAR LEFT IN THE LOT! The firehouse overhead doors were closed, the DJ had packed up and left, and my car sat lonely in the corner of the lot.

I went over to the guy's house who has the Chevelle this afternoon, and he said that they decided to pack up after the parade and end the show early. The show was pretty small, only about 30+ cars, but I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to see the awards. They gave trophies to the top 10 cars, and unless someone stole the one they placed on my front seat in my absence, I didn't get one.

Well, to finish this story. I mentioned earlier that I went over to the Chevelle owner's house. He had told me a couple of weeks ago that he had bought a 1950 Chevy and told me to come over and check it out. So...I went over a took a few pictures. The car needs some work....and I was MOST happy to hear that he paid TWICE what I paid for mine!