Sunday, June 8, 2008

General Patton Museum

O.k....these pictures don't necessarily fall into the "Suede and Chrome" genre, however these ARE cool vehicles...AND they ARE paint in a FLAT "suede" paint scheme. :)

Here are a few more pictures I found while cleaning out a desk draw yesterday. These pictures were taken in either 1994 or 1995. I chaperoned a gifted/talented bus trip. One of the stops was the General Patton Museum in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

I don't remember much about the museum, except it housed several WWII area vehicles. Heck...if you are "into" this type of stuff, a museum that is closer (if you live in the Midwest) and contains much more is the Victory Museum in Auburn, Indiana. I've been to it a couple of times and it is worth the drive. For one price, you can visit it and the Kruse museum next door. There is also a Corvette museum that has recently been added. Heck...if you make the trip, you should make a weekend of it and visit the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum, and the NATMUS museum. I think there is also a nearby train and railroad museum too.

Anyway, as I remember, the General Patton museum was worth the visit. And along those lines, My great aunt was a Major in WWII. I do recall her telling me stories of actually knowing General Patton. (I'm sure my father can correct me if I'm wrong.) :)

You can learn more about the Patton Museum by visiting the following site: