Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still More Photographs from the 2008 Road Rocket Rumble

The former owner of my Chevrolet was at the Rumble with his sic roadster pickup truck. Thanks Rock for the "tech tips" on lowering my '50 Chevy!

Hey! I'm seeing more and more Gassers at events. This '55 Chevy is a GREAT example.

Yet another installment of photographs taken at the 2008 Road Rocket Rumble at the Clarion Waterfront Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Even after a day, my son and I are still talking about how incredible this show is. My son ranks it right up there with the James Dean Festival/Ducktail Run weekend! THANK YOU ROAD ROCKETS FOR A GREAT EVENT!
This Cadillac was a GREAT example of a sweet '60s Kustom.

Once again...I'm a sucker for flames and wide whites! The suede black paint and the white firewall really add to the overall look.

Let me just say publicly that the Indy Road Rockets host an absolutely amazing event. I will definitely make plans to return next year, bring my Chevy, and stay longer, maybe even overnight!
This Kaiser had the "right" look as well. I had to laugh when I thought about the reaction of the drivers this owner probably passed on the way to the show with his "friend" smiling from the backseat!

Today, Saturday, June 21st, my son and I helped a buddy of mine host a car and truck show at the 2008 Wilbur Wright Birthplace Festival. I did get my Chevy to the show. (hey...I need to come up with a great name for my car like John "Punk" Nolan has for his Buick "Uncle Charlie".) At any rate, I took plenty of photographs that I will get to posting at a later date. Right now, I still have over 75 photographs left from the Road Rocket Rumble. If this week goes well, I will try to post 10 or more each night. Check back throughout the week for updates.

From the location of where this flamed Ford was parked all day, I'm guessing that it belonged to a Voodoo King club member.