Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still More from Wilbur Wright Birthplace Car and Truck Show

Well, there is Ol' Blue, hangin' out with a cute little Metropolitan! The lady who owns the car came with her husband who entered the Dolorean. You can see one of my buddy's cars in the background (red Chevelle). It took a Top Ten.
This 1931 Buick was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! The owner brought it down from Markle, Indiana. It also won a Top Ten award.

This Chevy coupe came toward the end of the show. I believe it's a '40 or '41. The car was "all business" under the hood.

The owner of this Shay A (a reproduction Model A sold through Ford dealerships in the late 1970's and early '80s) told me he bought it new off of the showroom floor. The funny thing is, he didn't even know there was a car show! He said he drove up from Indianapolis to see the RC airplane and helicopter show. He was surprised when he pulled in and saw the show.
This 1955 Chevrolet was in great shape. However, it was not a 10 Ten award winner. Just goes to show how many of the entries were VERY nice.
This 1939 Plymouth also came toward the end of registration. The '39 Plymouth had some very unique headlights that I believe only lasted one model year. If you look at some VERY early posts in this blog (say some from 2005) you may run across some pictures of a 4-door 1939 Plymouth that sat in my wife's aunt and uncle's garage for years. When my wife's uncle passed away, I tried to work a deal for the car with her aunt. She wanted too much for the car and the deal was never made. She told me recently that she finally sold the car a year or so ago.

Although not a "flashy" color, this Dodge Challenger was in great original shape. Although I'm not a big VW fan, the Super Beetle in the background had an amazingly deep paint job.