Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Road Rocket Rumble 2008 Continued....

This guy was laying some mean stripes on this 4-door Impala. It was making me wish I'd driven Ol' Blue to the show, as I am wanting to get a few "lines" down on the Chevy.

This '56 Chevy rolled in afternoon on Friday. I thought the scallops were unique enough to make it "picture worthy".

This was the ONLY bike at the show on Friday. Once they pulled in, the owner got it off the trailer.

I'm always impressed with the level of creativity (and humor) of some car owners. I thought this "glove box" was pretty hilarious.

This sweet Chevy truck belongs to a Taz, Voodoo King member. Check out the louvers in the fenders....Very nice Taz!

If I was giving awards, this one would get the "Best Flame Job".

This Suburban and 1947 Chevy 2-door sedan pulled in together toward the early afternoon. Who says you need any stinkin' paint to be cool?!?!?

Well, I surfed the 'net a bit yesterday looking for pictures that others have posted from the Rumble. From the looks of it, Friday didn't even compare to the turn out for Saturday.

Check out Beetlejuice55's Garage at: http://www.motortopia.com/album/view/p/cars/t/garage/a/14483/i/road_rocket_rumble_2008

Beetlejuice55 is from Bloomington, IN and took his sweet 55 Pontiac to the show on Saturday. From the looks of his photo album, I'm guess there were 2 or 3x the cars there on Saturday!