Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Day, Another Installment from the 'Rumble'

This car and the truck and trailer below rolled into the Rumble on Friday afternoon from Florida.

These two vehicles had to park in the grass OUTSIDE of the show because of the NO BILLET rule!

I'm not sold on the fuschia...but the flames are sic!

This was a pretty sweet little ride. Wish I would have taken a closeup photo of the cool "hula girl on a surfboard" graphic on the truck doors.

Checking on these guys again to see their progress on "Uncle Charlie".

Well, the weekend is over and a new work week has begun. Had a real quiet day at the 'office' (pretty easy to do now that the students, teachers, and my secretary are ALL enjoying summer break!). I'll be wrapping things up this week to enjoy the month of July. Then I'll be back at "it" the first week of August.

This car was near the Ms. Metal vendor display. I was a bit disappointed that Ms. Metal herself was not in attendance in her pink Chevy though.

This Chevy has a bit too much "chop" for my tastes. Cool and Practicality have to meet SOMEWHERE don't they?

Another picture of some cool pinstriping.

Thought I'd quickly add some more photographs from the Indy Road Rocket Rumble. I've got to head out and do some golfing here in a 1/2 hour. It's league night. I'm not a great golfer, but my team mate (who just happens to own a chrome plating business) and I go out once a week and enjoy smacking the little white ball around. Tonight we play one of the best teams in the league, so it should be "interesting".

Well, I'm back from golfing. Let's just say "we got our money's worth". It was a great Indiana afternoon on the course. Sunshine and a nice breeze.

I ran across a pretty cool site today that I thought I'd share with readers. is a "myspace" for car junkies. I registered this morning and have already received some emails from a few other car nuts in the Hoosier state. I recommend that each of you check it out.