Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smaller Pics...Quicker Uploads...

Well, summer has given me the opportunity to fiddle with a couple different photo programs to figure out how to reduce the pixel size of the pictures I took in June at the 11th Annual Road Rocket Rumble in Indianapolis. I'm happy to say, that this afternoon, I figured it out! HA! I also figured out how to tag my pictures with a cool little watermark label in the corner. That way...if someone copies a picture and reuses it somewhere else on the least it will draw some folks back to this site.

Now that it isn't going to take me all morning to upload a handful of pictures...I will be working over the next few days to try to get caught up on uploading picture files to this site. I'm glad I finally figured it out...'cause my summer vacation will be ending in a couple of weeks.