Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still Posting from Indianapolis

When I get to a point that I've posted multiple days worth of pictures for an event, I hit a brick wall as to what type of text I can continue to include. What can I say about the Goodguys Hotrod Nationals event that hasn't been said? I've been to the event 3 or 4 times now and I've never been disappointed. Obviously, being the tight wad that I am,  it's a little hard for me to fork over the $20 buck/head entry price, but this year I saved $5 on my own entry fee with my GoodGuys membership card.
I'm almost certain I say this custom rearwheel drive Corvair (minus the ghost flames) at the Indy show several years ago. The car has some meaty rubber tubbed between the rear fenderwells and a detailed 350 under the hood.
The owner of this tall T had some specs listed on a card in front of the car. With the addition of nitrous, the owner claims this car turns over 900 horses! I bet Ol' Henry never even thought about one of his T's doing that!
Believe it or not, still lots of cool pictures from Indy in the days to come.