Saturday, July 17, 2010

Millville Run Post #3

Another great thing about this year's event is that it drew more motorcycles. Last year, we had to give the "Best Motorcycle" trophy to the only bike that came to the show. This year, we had about 5 bikes. This cool bobber belongs to a guy that won our "Best Motorcycle" trophy at the Wheels for Williams show. He has a great story about how his father always built bikes. When his father died, he had this bike in the garage. It was basically a basket-case. The owner decided he would build the bike as a tribute to his father. Very kool.
Righteous Rodders father and son, Bill and Aaron Ridge brought their bikes to the show. Bill owns this cool Harley, while Aaron built this BMX/Chopper and actually rode it to the event.
It was obvious WHO would win this year's "Best Motorcycle" trophy, but it was hard to pick WHICH bike would win. I got excited when I saw not one, but three restored bikes arrive on a trailer. All three were VERY cool. But our variety was the little Honda Dream.
HEY! It's the Nifty Fifty!
This Pontiac Tempest won a "Club's Choice" award.
Pictures of the MG club cars. Thanks for bringing them!!!