Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Strawberry Fesitval, Troy, Ohio

Another area show that I was unable to attend, but was fortunate enough to have a "father with a camera" was the Troy Strawberry Festival.
My father once again came through with some awesome pictures! This Buick is one that I've seen before...but man, is it cool. The car's owner has mounted titanium blocks to the frame behind the rear wheels. This allows him to throw some incredible sparks when he does some "tail draggin'".
Wow! I've never seen this '50 Chevy before...and MAN do I like it!
It's a bit frightening how well my father knows what I would want to take pictures of if I were at the show! But then again, we do share some common DNA from the gene pool.
O.k...this PT Cruiser belongs to a guy I used to teach with. Is there ANY aftermarket accessory this DOESN'T have?!?!?!!? 
Several more days of postings left from the 2010 Strawberry Festival in Troy, Ohio. Come back for more tomorrow.