Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodguys Overload!

I'm seeing more and more cool wagons showing up at events...any I LIKE 'em!
Wow...this little Ford Sedan Delivery Rat Rod was VERY kool! The flat paint had some incredible wood grain graphics and flames! And the metal flake on the dash was out-of-sight!
Don't know where this guy is from (guess I could call the number on the windshield), but this car would fit in with next year's Wheels for Williams show PERFECTLY! We are planning a beach/tiki theme for the event. Would love to have this car at the show on May 14th.
And...if you own a wagon or a pickup...just strap a surfboard on it and come to the show too!
cool scallops!
Come back to Suede and Chrome tomorrow for the last post from Indianapolis.