Saturday, July 3, 2010

Goodguys Post #5

First off, I want to start today's post by giving a "shout out" to my oldest who turns 19 today! Happy Birthday Son!
Well, we've reached the section of Indy pictures in which my memory tells me that the day had started to heat up. Crews had been working all morning to dry up the track, and now the sun was helping to bake any remaining water from the dragstrip surface. As we were looking at the cars in today's pictures, nostalgic hotrods were starting to race down the strip.
A couple of very cool Impalas.
Had to do a double-take on this one. It's a custom built '56 Chevy El Camino. Chevy didn't build an El Camino until '59, but if they had came out 3 years before, they would have looked pretty cool.
It's a wonder that this picture isn't blurry. I was ticked at the guy who obliviously walked into the shot, but laughing at how excited he got over the hand grenade shift knob he's pointing at and telling the group he is with all about. Geez....there are MANY more cooler things about this rod to get excited about brother!
I liked the stance and look of this late '50s Cadillac. Reminds me of the one my friend Rocky has. Thought my loco wife would love the interior treatment as well.