Friday, July 16, 2010

Millville Run Post #2

Well, the weather for our event turned out to be FANTASTIC! Couldn't have asked for a nicer day.
It's was great to see the Chevy that my son choose as "Kolson's Pick" at the 1st Annual Wheels for Williams event at our Millville show. This thing is very cool.
a better shot of the Superbird. Since I was tied up with registration for most of the member Jim Canfield and his wife volunteered to take photographs for me! Thanks Jim and Cindy!!!!
If you are a Pontiac lover...there was a lot of cool stuff at this year's show. 1st generation Firebirds are ALWAYS cool.
And Mopar fans should have been happy. Not only a Superbird, but this totally cool Convertible Sports Fury, and a barn fresh Charger!
One of my favorite cars at this year's show was this sweet little Chevrolet. It's owned by a lady in Winchester, Indiana. In fact, I believe her husband (who owns a car or two himself) was one of the original members of the McCoys!!!
 Whether you like them or not, tuners and their owners are really the future of the whole car enthusiast scene. Always great to see members of the younger generation getting excited about cars no matter what the make or year.
The owner of this BEAUTIFUL Chrysler Town and Country convertible has brought it to the show for the past several years. This is the only show that I typically see it at, and I still enjoy standing and taking in it's beautiful design.
O.k...I think I know where Jim stopped taking pictures and Cindy started! hahahaha. It appears that Cindy has a bit more "artistic flair".
Wow! I'm glad Cindy got a couple of shots of this '32 Ford Coupe. The owners of this sweet little number drove it over 244 miles down from Michigan to be at our show. They obviously won this year's "Farthest Driven" trophy. I asked them how they found us, and they replied, "We had some vacation time and were tired of the same cars and people that we always see at area shows. We have some relatives in the Ohio/Indiana area, so we decided we would search the Internet for some shows that sounded interesting and make the drive." Well, we are certainly glad they did! What a beautiful car!
Another cool addition to this year's event was a group from an MG club. They brought about 8 or 9 cars. Lots more shots of their vehicles in the coming days. Come back tomorrow for more coverage of the 2010 Millville Run.