Thursday, July 1, 2010

More from Indy...

It's no wonder the whole "rat rod" crazy has taken on a life of it's own. After watching crowds walk right by this sweet looking Ford (as well as many other high dollar rides) to check out the rat wrecker that was parked in the center of this area of the park, I'm guessing that the owners of a few trailer queens have started thinking about owning their own rat.
And is this 'really' a rat? I've been told by a few car buddies that live around the US that this wrecker has made the circuit. It was recently spotted by a friend in Florida. So I guess my theory may be true. Some of these guys who have the money to spend on building a high dollar trailer queen are now starting to build 'fauxrats'. Heck, I bet this thing rides in an enclosed trailer!
Thought this Bonneville was pretty sweet. Do think it would look more "period" with a set of Astro Supremes and some white wall tires though.
It's interesting to watch "fads" in the car world come and go. (thank God that whole pastel thing in the '80s is gone!) I'm seeing more and more "real flame" paint schemes these days on just about every make and model you can imagine.
Do you remember that time when you were a teenager at the malt shop, the skating rink, the drive-in, or the hamburger joint when your eyes met those of the most pretty little thing you had every seen in your life. Remember how your palms got sweaty and you stumbled over your words when you finally got up the nerve to go over and introduce yourself? Well...I got to admit, I had those same sort of feelings when this little cutey caught my eye. Holy cow! I am still at a loss of words as I look back at the pictures.
I gotta tell ya. When I dream at night, I dream in color, and I see stuff like this! hahaha
Still lots more to post from Indy in the coming days. Thought I'd bring you back to reality with one last picture for the day. Actually, this '56 Chevrolet is sweet all on her own. Personally, I've always liked the lines of a 1956 Chevrolet over those of the more popular '55 and '57 models. But hey, that's just me.