Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

If you are reading Suede and Chrome today in the States, or US military personnel stationed overseas...let me wish you a Happy Independence Day! If you're elsewhere...Happy July 4th! lol
This Buick reminds me of the Plecostomus fish I have in my 60 gallon tank at home. With all of it's teeth and it's VERY low stance, it looks like it can skim the road and clean up any left-over debris.
I believe this sweet little '32 Ford Tudor is a former Hotrod of the Year winner.
Love the red steelies and wide whites!!!
A bit heavy on the blue oval today...but this little mint roadster has a Cadillac mill under it's hood.
I really liked this little coupe that was in the running for this year's Hotrod of the Year. It was very clean and had the right look! It gets my vote!
Lots more coverage in the days to come. Don't forget to stop by again tomorrow. careful and enjoy your holiday activities!