Friday, July 2, 2010

Goodguys Post #4

My father (and mother) are pretty partial to the '57 Chevrolet. It certainly has risen to iconic status to represent an era of American History. And while I certainly wouldn't turn down the opportunity to own one myself, the addition of a sweet chromed out mill like the one pictured here certainly makes them even more attractive.
And speaking of tricked out mills...can you saw highway vision obstruction? lol
Aaah....when I see a '49-'54 Chevy at a show....I just get a warm feeling all over. Makes me long for a simpler time. Loved the low stance, spun aluminum hubs and white whites on this one!
Not to mention the Ultra-Clean straight 6 with dual carbs and a split exhaust....ah...maybe someday....maybe someday.
That peaceful feeling was rattled a bit when I saw the wicked stance and meaty rubber beneath this '49!
And while I'm on the topic of wicked...How about a cool little racin' Rambler? Check out those custom airbrushed graphics....looks like real trim.
Another one of my favorite cars @ this year's show. First of all, ya got to love a Woody wagon. But secondly, can't say that I have EVER seen a '39 Chevy woody? Is this production?!?!? Needless to say, it was very cool! 
Loved the wicker theme that was carried throughout the interior of the car...door panels to the rear. Didn't get a picture, but the headliner treatment was some INCREDIBLE wood strips...VERY kool!
A couple of cool '55 Chevys....including this awesome 2-door wagon!
This Firebird looks to be "Foose" influenced.
Can you ever get enough Willys pictures?
Well, didn't mean to get a picture of the owner's wife's backside and splash it internationally on the internet, but I couldn't help but love their hotrodded Crosley wagon. Crosleys are cool. Hotrodded Crosleys are even cooler!