Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Suede and Chrome Extra: The Nifty Fifty Has Been Challenged!

Well, I wasn't looking for it...but it finally happened. I've been a member of for several years, but I don't spend as much time there as I do at other gearhead social sites. If you are a member of Motortopia, you probably do know that they have a feature that is pretty unique to their site. Members can solicit challenges between their car and another members car. Well, this morning, when I checked my email, I had a request for a challenge. I thought it might be fun, so I accepted. The car challenging the Nifty Fifty is an American Graffiti clone. A black '55 Chevrolet. Very cool. If I read the storyline correctly, the owner built it and a Milner coupe clone, neither of which he owns anymore. Now don't get me wrong...I think those cars are ultra cool, but there is something to be said for the "little guy" that slowly saving $$ to build a cool cruiser on a limited budget in his own garage. So...if you are a member of Motortopia, or if you want to join just to "Stand Up for the Little Guy", I would appreciate you following the link below and casting your vote for the Nifty Fifty. If nothing else, maybe it would be just a small way to say, "Thanks Scruffy, for the daily dose of kool that you've proved over the past few years." I would certainly appreciate it!

 Clink on this link to vote for the Nifty Fifty!
Nifty Fifty Challenged!