Friday, July 9, 2010

Indy Goodguys...Still More

Wow! Can't remember having this many pictures in digital folders waiting to be published! I still have several pictures from the Indianapolis Goodguys show to post this week, but also have photographs waiting from:
1) Our 18th annual Millville Run @ the Wilbur Wright Birthplace. This is the second show of the season that our car club hosts.
2) Pictures my father took recently at the Father's Day Raintree Inn Car Show hosted by our friends in the Lucky7Cruisers Car Club.
3) Pictures from the 11th Annual Indy Road Rocket Rumble
Still more pictures from Indy to come in the next few days. p.s...Did you notice the Corvair pictured above? Tubbed with a 350 small block under the hood? And what about the Tall T pictured directly above? Owner claims that with nitrous the thing turns around 900 horses.