Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Millville Run Post #1

Well, first of all, I'd like to thank everyone that came out to this year's Millville Run at the 18th Annual Wilbur Wright Birthplace Festival in Millville, Indiana. Secondly, I'd like to thank all of my Righteous Rodders club brothers and their families for helping organize and run this year's event. There is always a lot of work that goes into organizing and planning an event. It's always nice to see all of that hard work pay off with a great show. (Heck...I even recruited my oldest daughter's boy friend to help me with registration! Thanks Ben!)

One of the highlights of a show hosted by the Righteous Rodders Motor Club is the home-built trophies. We always try to come up with something unique. This year, club member Billy Ridge put together some really cool shifter trophies. I purchased a couple of sets of billiard bills on eBay and club members Jim Canfield and his sons Josh and Jimmy chrome-plated up some steel bars that Billy had bent. Billy then found some early Chevrolet pickup shifter boots...and well, it all came together. We were pleased with the end results.

Well, the weather reports all week prior to this year's event didn't look promising. In fact, we got some pretty heavy thunderstorms that lasted late into the night the day before the show. I woke up early Saturday morning, and it still looked pretty gloomy. The cool thing is that by the time registration rolled around at 9 am, the skies had cleared, and the cars started rolling in.
We had a really nice mix this year of guys that have brought their cars and supported us over the past few years and an equal amount of cars we had never seen at our event. The coolest thing for me was to see a couple of my neighbors roll in in their vehicles. The little black Plymouth coupe pictured above belongs to one of those neighbors. A special thanks to Jimmie Childers for driving his coupe to the show. It is by far one of my favorite cars in the greater Muncie/New Castle/Richmond area. It is dead-on cool in my book!
Another thing I like about the two shows that our club currently hosts is that they are both "open shows". Now I know that some readers will find that hard to believe coming from a guy that really digs the traditional hot rod scene, but I always think it's cool when a bunch of car folks can come together and appreciate what everyone else brings to the show. Whether it's a muscle car, a barn find, an original restoration, or a new pickup truck. I always enjoy hanging out with car people.
A special thanks to the members of the Lucky7Cruisers who have always supported our events over the years. They are out of New Castle, Indiana, and they always bring a nice variety of cars to our shows. The black and red Firebirds above belong to husband and wife Lucky7 members Dave and Angie Fields. Angie's black Firebird won the Ladies' Choice trophy this year.
It's always cool when you draw something unexpected to a show. And this little Porsche was definitely in that category. Another one of my neighbors brought his "barn find" early 70s Monte Carlo to the show. The car is all original with about 50,000 miles on it.

I wish this picture had came out a little better. How about an all original, unrestored Superbird?
Lucky7Cruiser Ron Fullhart's purple GTO took home the Kid's Choice award. He's got a couple of huge stuffed tigers that he puts out with his car that seems to draw the kid's vote. hahaha
Believe it or not...this 1947 Ford is a "barn find". Unrestored and original. I was close to buying this car a few years ago before I found my '50 Chevrolet. It was good to see the new owners are enjoying it. It took home one of our Club Picks trophies, as did this sweet Chevrolet Suburban. The owner of this little yellow 'burb drove it 95 miles from Peru, Indiana to be at this year's Millville Run.

If you attend any show in East Central Indiana, there is a good chance that you might run into Chuck Glenn and his Plymouth Road Runner. It's a beautiful car and has always done well at area shows. Chuck has supported Righteous Rodders events over the years and we certainly appreciate it. Chuck's Plymouth looks as good under the hood as it does on the exterior.

These two early Fords battled for the Oldest Vehicle Entry trophy. This 1928 Ford Pickup truck edged out the blue coupe by a year.

Never thought I'd see a Chevrolet Chevette at a car show...but come to think about it, they are becoming a pretty rare sight. Don't see too many of them on the road anymore.
One of the "host vehicles" Righteous Rodder club member Josh Canfield left his 1948 Chevrolet Sedan project in the garage and drove his Chevy pickup to the show. Josh spent most of the day parking show cars...THANKS JOSH!
Always good to see this little Chevrolet El Camino at a show. Not only is it cool, but it's a great business card for Righteous Rodder Jim Canfield as his shop has done most of the chrome-plating on the car.
Jim and his crew at Custom Metal Finishing LLC in Hagerstown, Indiana did a fantastic job!! Come back tomorrow to see more coverage of the 2010 Millville Run.