Monday, June 1, 2009

Beatersville 2009 Post #8

Still more pictures from the 2009 Beatersville Show in Louisville, KY
I took this pic for my wife who really liked the Coral paint on this VW. And while I'm talking about her...I'd like to give a little public "shout out" (nothing more public than the WORLD WIDE WEB!) to my wife for agreeing to go to the show with me. She's not a big "fan" of shows, although she does like the shoes, custom purses, and leopard print that seems to be a part of the whole kustom kulture, rust queen thing. She was a real "trooper"....didn't complain or act like she wasn't enjoying herself. Heck...she even had her manicurist give her a custom (flamed) nail job before we left! Gotta admit, suprising me with bright red nails with yellow scalloped flames was pretty kool!