Friday, June 26, 2009

Branson Auto Museum, Post #4

Well, still posting pictures from my visit to the Branson Auto Museum in Branson, MO. I snapped a photograph of this kool looking 4-door Mercury (I think it's a '56) because it reminded me of "one that got away". A few years ago my buddy "Trader" Don had one like this I could have had for a few hundred bucks. Granted, it wasn't restored, but at the time I thought....I really don't want a 4-door Mercury. Looking at this one, I realized they were pretty kool.
Man, I love the old teardrop trailers. My understanding from doing a little research is that you could send for the instructions and build your own "back in the day". This would have been in the heyday of Route 66. You and the Mrs. could hook up the teardrop to the family car and head West. What an adventure! There is a kool little shop that is owned by one of my Facebook buddy's families in Indianapolis called Bubba's Trailer Park. They build custom teardrop trailers using modern materials. Their place is one Gasoline Alley in Indy.
Zephyr V-12 anyone?
The back story on this 1936 Packard was that it was once owned by notorious mobster Al Capone. According to the story, most of Capone's cars were actually registered in other names, however this one actually has Ol' Al's name on the registration. The car was a barn find and is still in "barn fresh" condition.