Saturday, June 13, 2009

Parker City, IN - Final Post

Well, here are the final pictures taken at the Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor Car Show in Parker City, Indiana.
Old wagons are neat....two door sedan deliveries are even kooler.
A lead sled Hudson?
What do ya think Grampas?
Well, the rain clouds were darking the sky right about the time they were getting ready to pass out the awards. fortunately, they held off until I got the Nifty Fifty home. (I'm not real "freaky" about getting her wet...just not really fond of driving in the pouring rain with vacuum wipers!) :)
The cars were lined on both sides of Indiana State Route 32. The local Fuzz had crosswalk duties throughout the event.
Well, tried to get a little "artsy fartsy" with this shot during the awards presentation. Thought the relection of Childer's '34 Plymouth in the neighboring Plymouth's baby moons was pretty kool.