Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parker City, IN Post #2

Like I said yesterday, I was amazed at the number of vehicles that came out for the Parker City show at Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor. The fact that registration was free, and it was a beautiful day might have had something to do with it.
The turnout was fantastic for what I had planned. With the help of my son, we placed a flyer for our upcoming show in almost every car. This little coupe drew a lot of attention.
This yellow VW was pretty unique. I think I would still rather own the VW ratrod that my friend Rocky had last summer. I wonder where it ended up after it sold on eBay? I believe this VW took home one of the Top 20 trophies.
You may recognize these vehicles from previous Suede and Chrome posts. They belong to some guys from a local club. I've seen them around at several shows in the area.