Saturday, June 27, 2009

Branson Auto Museum Post #5

Today's post has an interesting mix of pictures. We start the day with a kool little trailer for pedal cars. I took the picture because I own a little cooler like the one pictured and my 3 year old has a couple of pedal cars. Thought it would be cool to find a trailer since we sometimes take his flamed pedal car to shows.
This Indy car could be purchased less engine. Reminded me of a fellow from somewhere around me that I used to occasionally see a few years ago at area shows. He had a "street legal" Indy car that he had put a 350 in. Can you imagine seeing this in your rearview mirror?!?!
O.k...guess I need to go to the local video store (yes there are still a few around) or check out Netflix to rent the movie "Death Match"? According the the plaque, this car was used during the filming of the movie. One would have to be a HUGE fan of the movie to pay the HUGE pricetag.