Friday, June 5, 2009

Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor Car Show, Parker City, Indiana 2009

Well, I was plesantly surprised yesterday evening when I drove the Nifty Fifty the 4 mile trip over to a local car show. Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor is a local "legend". It's been there for as long as I can remember, and everyone goes there after ballgames, school events, etc. It is located on Indiana State Route 32, in Parker City, Indiana.
I was expecting maybe 20+ cars, so I didn't leave home until about 6:20 (Registration was between 5 and 7 pm). What I found when I got there was closer to 100 cars! In fact, when I registered, I was #93. The '34 Plymouth pictured above took the "Jerry's Choice" trophy. It belongs to one of my neighbors and is one of th nicest coupes I've seen.
This GMC pickup took home one of the Top 20 trophies. I took a lot more pictures throughout the evening, so just like the Beatersville event, I'll be making daily posts!