Sunday, June 7, 2009

Parker City, IN Post #3

This pearl 1940 Chevrolet belongs to a guy that lives near me. I've seen it for the past few years at a show over in Fort Recovery, Ohio, but never locally. It was good to see him out.

If you're not into hot rods, there was still plenty for you to look at. Several Novas, GTOs, Chevelles, and Mustangs represented the muscle car enthusiasts.

I stood and talked to the owner of this panel truck for some time. He has traced the history of the vehicle and found that it was used by a laundry mat in Richmond, Indiana. He claims that it originally had a 4 cylinder engine. He had plenty of pictures detailing his frame-off restoration. The truck has a 350 crate engine under the hood, with updated suspension and steering. I didn't ask him if he has plans to finish the body work and paint it, but it was pretty kool as is.
The couple that own this Buick just live down the street from Jerry's. I see it out a lot in the summer time.