Sunday, June 14, 2009

WGE Federal Credit Union Car Show, Muncie, Indiana 2009

Well, I hate to admit it, but my old 40+ year old brain doesn't work like it used to. I was excited last week as Friday approached. I had read a flyer about a car show in Muncie on Friday evening, and had planned to take the Nifty Fifty. Well, the wife wasn't feeling well, so my oldest son and I hopped in the Chevy and made the drive to Muncie. With gas prices hovering around $2.80/gal., I thought Muncie was close enough to warrant cleaning up the Fifty and taking her in.
Well, when we arrived at the WGE Federal Credit Union parking lot, I quickly noticed that there wasn't a single car in the lot. There were a couple of guys either setting up or tearing down a sound system, and a couple of women in "car show t-shirts" at a table that looked like it could be used for registration, so I thought I might be too early or too late.
I decided to drive over to the ladies at the table, roll down the window, and find out what was going on. I asked, "Did I miss it?", to which they replied, "Do you mean the car show?". "Yes", I replied, "Am I too late?". "No", they replied, "You are actually a DAY EARLY."
Wow! I had read the flyer incorrectly, or at least remembered the date incorrectly. The show was on Saturday night, not Friday night. What a dope!
Well hey, ANYTIME you can get behind the wheel of an old car on a beautiful is good. (Regardless of whether or not you are losing your mind!)
So, bottom line, my son and I drove back home Friday evening. On Saturday, my two oldest daughters had a double-header softball game which took most of the afternoon. I'm helping coach this year, so I spent the day in the hot sun. By the evening, I didn't really feel like getting the Fifty out of the garage again, and knew my wife wouldn't really want to spend the evening at a car show, so I devised a plan.
I told her if she would help me pass out flyers for our upcoming car, truck and motorcycle show (June 20th @ the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Festival in Millville, Indiana), we would only stay at the show long enough for me to snap a few pictures, then I would treat her to a nice meal at Applebee's. Well, it worked, my wife went around and placed a flyer in every car while I took about 48 photographs. We say a few folks we know  and met a couple of fellow Hubheads. Afterwards we headed to Applebee's and got the 2 for 20 bucks special....great time, great company, great meal.
I'll be posting several more pictures from the WGE car show over the course of the next week. Which is pretty kool because it will take me right up to the weekend of June 19th and 20th. On the 19th, I'm planning on taking the Nifty Fifty to the Indy Rocket Road Rumble in Indianapolis. It is a HUGE event for traditional hot rods and rat rods. If you are there, look me up! Then on Saturday, our car club, the Righteous Rodders will be hosting a Car, Truck & Motorcycle show at the 17th Annual Wilbur Wright Birthplace Festival. I'll have LOTS of pictures to post by Sunday the 21st!
Have a GREAT week!