Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Suede and Chrome Extra.....Random Thoughts

Lots of "car" related stuff happening around here, thought I'd add an extra post today to update readers.
#1) Members of our car club "The Righteous Rodders" met last night to work on the trophy design for our upcoming show. One of the guys in our club has a chrome biz and we had him chrome-plate 16 pistons. We are designing the wooden bases that we plan to mount them on with an event plaque and award plaque...should be different...will be kool.
#2) Event T-shirts are in the works for the show. Thanks to Vinylynn at for her patience with us. Her design is pretty sik.
#3) Received a package yesterday from the Hub Garage. I am "official" on their "Street Team". Got some kool decals and VIP cards that I will be passing out at our show and other events I attend. Thanks guys, looking forward to the opportunity!
#4) Drove the Nifty Fifty last evening over to a Hub buddy's house in West Milton, Ohio last evening. He owns some wicked rides, check out his virtual garage on the Hub at Brian's Garage. He's going to lay down some righteous pinstriping. He promises to give the Fifty "soul"....I've given him some "artistic freedom", so can't wait to see what he comes up with. Thanks Brian for taking on this project!
#5) I'm heading out this evening to Missouri for a little family R&R. Looking forward to the drive as there is usually some kool vintage iron for sale along the way. Will be sure to snap any auto related photo opps as they occur. Don't worry about missing out on any Suede and Chrome posts while I'm gone. I've uploaded pictures from 2 shows I've attended recently and they are scheduled to continue to post each day while I'm in the "Show Me" state.
#6) Just 9 days until I'm planning to head down to Indianapolis for the Indy Road Rocket Rumble. Avid Suede and Chrome readers will remember from my posts from last year's event that its a "BIG ONE". Here is one picture from last year's event.
#7) Just 10 days til our car, truck and motorcycle show at the 17th Annual Wilbur Wright Birthplace Festival in Millville, IN. We've been bustin' our humps to get the word out. We are hoping for a really good turn out. If you check out the postings from last year's events you will see that we had about 40 cars. Mostly classic restorations and muscle cars were in attendance. Hoping to double or triple that number this year with more variety of cars to include more traditional hotrods, rat rods, trucks, and motorcycles too. The coolest thing about this year's show is that our newly formed club will be hosting it. I’m looking forward to trying to get most of our club members with their wheels to the show. We are planning to have a little host club area with all of our stuff. Sounds like a good photo opportunity and a lot of fun to me.
#8) I ordered a t-shirt from (using link I've set up in the left column of this blog) for myself just to see what the quality of the print and shirt were like. I was pleased. I ordered a grey/green colored shirt with the Suede and Chrome logo picturing Brian's flamed Plymouth Coupe. The print was outstanding and the t-shirt itself is a heavy 'beefy' Hanes shirt. Definitely worth the price. Check them out for yourself!
#9) Had a chance to make another visit to DaddyKatz in Kettering, Ohio last week. If you've never been there, you definitely need to make a point of doing so. If you're into hotrods, kustom kulture, tiki, etc. YOU WILL LOVE IT! The place ROCKS!
#10) While at DaddyKatz, I purchased some new tunes. I'm always 'game' for new music, so I picked up volume 1 of the Mad Fabricators Soundtracks. These are collections of music used in the Mad Fabricators DVDs. If you like Rockabilly, Pyschobilly, and/or Surf music, you should check them out....good stuff.
That's it for Random thoughts! Have a great rest of the week. I'll try not to hurt myself going down the slide at our waterpark hotel! Cowabungaa dudes!