Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Muncie, Indiana Post #3

You want to know why American automakers are struggling? Because they've lost the ability to "grab us" with purely exciting styling. Look at this Nash hood ornament for goodness sake! This thing is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. You just don't get that kind of detail on cars today. (And this wasn't a "top end" model for Nash....this was the Metropolitan!)
Wow! I saw this Model T in Parker City a couple of weeks ago. I REALLY like it! (I guess I need to apologize to my buddy and fellow car club member that owns a Chrome-plating biz...but the flat black on this hot rod works for me!)
I never get tired of seeing this Chevrolet wagon. This thing is a great lookin' grocery-getter!
This is the second time this month I've seen this panel truck. If you were to pass it on the road, you would probably be surprised when you had a chance to look under the hood.